​35th Avenue is a changing northeast Seattle thoroughfare and near-perfect metaphor for many companies today. It connects multiple business districts, neighborhoods, and countless residents along the way. Its services and amenities are in place, but don’t always fit together into a coherent whole. The neighbors are built-in advocates committed to seeing the community grow, but they don’t always agree on the right way to go. The path can be unclear, the future unknown, but 35th Avenue demonstrates the potential, uniting it all together in one direction from one end to the other. 35th Avenue is the strategically important story.

35thAvenuePartners works with businesses and organizations to identify, articulate, and advocate strategically important stories. Rooted in corporate affairs and public relations, and bold enough to think beyond, we use strategically important stories to influence opinions, actions, and outcomes.


Sam Butler, 35thAvenuePartners’ founder and principal, has developed corporate communications programs, thought leadership campaigns, and issues management strategies for companies across multiple sectors. Comfortable stepping into the crossroads, he guides executives across communications, legal, investor relations, regulatory affairs, marketing, and leadership functions to use strategically important stories as powerful tools for reaching business outcomes.


35thAvenuePartners focuses on three primary, interrelated business needs: positioning planning, issues management, and major change communications, with specific capabilities in strategic planning, campaign messaging and integration, editorial services, speechwriting, media relations, and leadership communications. Representative campaigns include:

  • Led global PR strategy for $2 billion utility technology company, supporting brand positioning, executive and corporate communications, product and business line PR, public affairs, primary research, employee engagement, and investor relations.
  • Defended a coalition of companies facing congressional and media inquiry for special government contracting privileges with messaging strategy, media management, and a multi-stakeholder education campaign.
  • Developed and executed numerous corporate announcement strategies - such as CEO transitions, mergers & acquisitions, and restructurings - for clients in the professional services, technology, and energy industries.
  • Launched two energy companies with multifaceted communications strategies, including media announcements, NGO engagement, government affairs, and community relations.
  • Designed employee, shareholder, and customer positioning and communications campaigns to stabilize public confidence of two community banks during a period of increased FDIC scrutiny.
  • Produced 50 original articles in 18 months as editor-in-chief of a management consulting firm’s new thought leadership publishing initiative.

35thAvenuePartners uses the term partner philosophically, practically and as an aspiration. We approach our work as collaborators, creators, and co-conspirators in our clients’ communications success. We’re comfortable working with a collective of experts toward a greater goal. As we continue our success, we’ll continue to grow.


When you work with 35thAvenuePartners, you’ll get highly energetic, deeply engaged, and straight-forward communications strategy that makes things happen. Contact sam@35thAvenuePartners.com to start a conversation and begin exploring your strategically important stories.